Creates common enthusiasm and solid strategies

  • Innovation and strategy development – let’s break old habits, presumptions and persue new oppertunites
  • Communication that simplifies complexity and creates unified direction
  • Constructive spaces and decision making, where consensus is not necessarily the end goal
  • Hands-on experience as well as DTU Board Education

The video elaborates on these points (in danish, but soon in english).

Collaboration and progress are at the heart of my work. I am enthusiastic working with NGOs, SMEs and similar cooperations. Especially when you find yourself at a crossroad, where there is a need for new thinking/approaches. 

Courageous ambitions and idealistic values motivate me. Moreover, I have a special appreciation for organizations with a scientific/engineering angle. Almost all organizations will benefit from this angle when it comes to evolving strategies regarding sustainability.

To make a difference for a limited period of time is ultimately more important to me than a permanent position for many years. The same applies in the consultant role, where I am your loyal helper with a strong relational focus.

A jack of all trades with good energy and the right number of quirks. I am no stranger to leadership, and have a keen eye for development processes, stakeholders and the impact from culture on successful implementation of strategy. Integrity is paramount.

Synergy with, where I have both public and private clients. I support Engineers Without Borders with free sparring for project managers and carry out other things at a reduced price – e.g. board process and evaluation seminar for projects in Sierra Leone.

Read about my work experience and education (danish)

Board experience and professionalism

I have experience from many years of involvement in various boards as well as my degree: DTU Board Education. Two examples:

  • Business council: Deputy chairman, Stevns Business Council. Modernization of the board, dialogue with municipality and strategy development with a focus on SMEs.
  • Voluntary organisation/NGO: Chairman XTV. Science TV produced by young people. Significantly increased our grants and membership. Developed the organization.

I have also sat on the board of cooperative housing associations and professionally run sports clubs. Both as a ward member and chairman. I also have union experience at board level.

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