Board & Advisory Board Profile

Creates common enthusiasm and solid strategies

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  • Innovation and strategy development – let’s break old habits, presumptions and pursue new opportunites
  • Communication that simplifies complexity and creates unified direction
  • Constructive spaces and decision making, where consensus is not necessarily the end goal
  • Hands-on experience as well as DTU Board Education

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Coaching and good advice, that ensure comfort and composure to lead the development of the firm.

Allan Kastrup
Partner, DJ Miljø & Geoteknik

Visionary, idealistic and realistic, with a flexible approach to management work.

Palle Rasmussen
Board of Stevns Business Council

Communication that brings strategies to live, and ensures presence in the organization.

Louise Hvid Jensen
Strategy and management manager, KFF Copenhagen Municipality

A keen eye for reading people, perspectives and spotting where common ground can be found.

Rasmus Holst-Sørensen
Director Næstved Erhverv A/S

Balances anchoring in local context and new inputs that move people.

Stefan Lildal-Schrøder
Head of Secretariat, TMF Køge Municipality

Collaboration and progress are at the heart of my work. I am enthusiastic about working with NGOs, SMEs and similar cooperations. Especially when you find yourself at a crossroad, where there is a need for new thinking/approaches.

Courageous ambitions and idealistic values motivate me. Moreover, I have a special appreciation for organizations with a scientific/engineering angle. Almost all organizations will benefit from this angle when it comes to evolving strategies regarding sustainability.

To make a difference for a limited period of time is ultimately more important to me than a permanent position for many years. The same applies in the consultant role, where I am your loyal helper with a strong relational focus.

A jack of all trades with good energy and the right number of quirks. I am no stranger to leadership, and have a keen eye for development processes, stakeholders and the impact from culture on successful implementation of strategy. Integrity is paramount.

Synergy with, where I have both public and private clients. I support Engineers Without Borders with free sparring for project managers and carry out other things at a reduced price – e.g. board process and evaluation seminar for projects in Sierra Leone.

Read about my work experience and education (danish)

Board experience and professionalism

I have experience from many years of involvement in various boards as well as my degree: DTU Board Education. Examples:

  • Business council: Deputy chairman, Stevns Business Council. Modernization of the board, dialogue with municipality and strategy development with a focus on SMEs.
  • Advisory Board, OptikosPrime – Stealth AI startup.  
  • Voluntary organisation/NGO: Chairman XTV. Science TV produced by young adults. Significantly increased our grants and membership. Developed the organization.

I have also sat on the board of cooperative housing associations and professionally run sports clubs. Both as a ward member and chairman. I also have union experience at board level.